Fancy Dancing Shih-Tzu

Ever Watch a Shih-Tzu Strut "Looks like Dancing to Me"

Puppy Application

Please answer all questions and make sure to write in which litter you are applying for with the (Dam) name. Enter an answer in all spaces please  as , incomplete applications can not be processed and will not be excepted.  
ALWAYS Give your complete MAILING Address! Thank you for understanding!!!! 

IF YOU DO NOT GET A reply BY EMAIL from me within 3 day's please, Contact me by email or Phone as the application below may not have sent me a Notice that you applied,lol 
(See my contact page for the details to reach me)
*I am interested in (Gender you prefer)
No Preference
*My preference (Size)please check one.
Standard (9 to 16 lbs)
Small (7.8 to 9lbs)
Imperial (7 lbs and under)
Any Size
Do you understand that we can only give you an estimated adult size of a puppy as it is impossible to give an exact weight ? It is out of our control once the puppy has left our care, diet and exercise plays a big factor into this.
*Do you intend to Breed your Puppy?
Yes (breeding)
No (pet only)

*I want to be placed on the following list
Standby waiting list/limited names excepted ($100.00 Dep. Req.)
Pick Of the Litter (2 per litter) ($200.00 Dep. Req.)
Not Now
*I under stand that at times things happen that are out of our control, If you are ever unable to care for your puppy for any reason would you agree to return him/her to the breeder/ ME also_ You agreeing to not resale ,trade Or Giveaway w/o Breeders
Yes, I agreee
No, I disagree/ then sale is refused
* You understand that if shipping is required - It is in Addition to the Purchase price
I Do Not require