Fancy Dancing Shih-Tzu

Ever Watch a Shih-Tzu Strut "Looks like Dancing to Me"

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The Following puppies are NOT Available, these have all been adopted 


Bebe's babies born Feb.2018 were all adopted! Thank you everyone , my babies are going to a few repeat client and One new client! We truly appreciate you all!

We are hoping to have another litter before mid summer so check back often!!

Ringo has been Adopted: TY PAM

Donation Made to Children

We are proud to have been a past in Making a Wish for a Child come true. Little Emilee suffers from a Tumor Illness and has and will endure many surgeries. On June 22, 2013 we made the Long trip to Hazeltown, Pa where we surprised her with her Own little Puppy to hold and love . The Frown on her face turned Upside down. That made my heart melt, that is what it was all about. To bring a Smile and some much needed Joy to a child's life is worth a million miles.Little Emilee " You have Stolen my Heart Forever". I am blessed to call you my life time friend from this day forward. You will be in my prayers daily in hopes that they find your Tumor and heal you from this Illness. Gob Bless you and the supporting friends and family who keep you near..
To Give is to Receive !!! This comes in many forms. Emilee gave me A Felling of Happiness, Of Ever lasting Joy, a Warmth within my heart nothing could ever replace...