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Ever Watch a Shih-Tzu Strut "Looks like Dancing to Me"

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Here you will be notified of any news that comes my way about Pet Foods (Good and bad)

I Feed Bil-Jac Adult and Bil-Jac puppy here. Purchase at Petsmart.

I welcome any articles you may have to contribute to this page (Please email them to me)

We Feed Bil Jac Adult Select to our pets. We find they retain more so they eat less and less waste as a result. Coats are nice and my babies all maintain a healthy weight.



TODAY I ran across this complaint that was filed this month about Pedigree Canned food, Must read!

Pet Owner Finds Dead Frog in Canned Dog Food

'Brown clump' in Pedigree can turns out to be a dead amphibian

Pedigree Canned food: Read more -click this link


Pet Food Recalls: 2010 Recalls and Safety Alerts


Give you doggie a treat that is Good for Them: TIPS FROM ME: Boil a Sweet Potatoe, and scoop it out, give them 2 tablesppons over their dry food as a treat. They love it. You can also use the Broth to poor over their dry kibble as well. Lots of Vitamins and fiber are found in the sweet potatoe.

If you like to Feed your baby some rice then remember it must be Brown rice NOT white.  White rice is way too Starchy.

A small Slice of fresh Apple is also a Nice treat for your baby!

A little Cherry Tomatoe is good for all dogs to eat or at least chew them, its good for their Teeth as it incresses the acids in their mouth which in turn helps remove the Plaque from the teeth and Gums.


DRY KIBBLE:  I Like the natural lines as they contain no Dyes, corn or Wheat.  We use Diamond Naturals Small Breed puppy for our babies, they love it. Even my small Adults like this puppy line, they offer other lines of the Natural such as :

Diamond® Naturals Lamb Meal & Rice Adult , Diamond® Naturals Chicken & Rice Adult Dog

Here is another Kibble I use on the extra tiny puppies:: BIL JAC PUPPY .  They seem to do better on this one as it has Malasses which help keep the tiny ones sugar up better.  It's a Bit Pricey if you have several dogs, but well worth it for a Quality food. In the long run you save as they retain more so they eat less and eating less they Poo Less. LOL. It is chucked full of Great ingredients , pups love it, easy to chew and High in Protiens. Sold at most Petsmart Stores.


TOXIC:  Everyone needs to be alerted!

Poison control said as few as 7 raisins or grapes could

be toxic. Many people I know give their dogs grapes

or raisins as treats including our ex-handler's. Any

exposure should give rise to immediate concern.

Onions, chocolate, cocoa and macadamia nuts can

be fatal, too.

Please read about this, pass it on to others including your VET, this new even to some Vets!

 (click the link I have provided below)


Confirmation from Snopes about the above

Sad story of grapes causing acute Renal failure!

Great Food Products

Here are a few Items You may want to try for your pet. I have Provided a Link for you to the site.

CET VeggieDent Chews :

CET Oral Hygiene Rinse: For the pets that won't let you Brush, lol

Deluxe Fresh Flow Electronic Pet Waterer PetMate (prefered insted of a Water bottle that restricts the amount of water a dog consumes as they tend to get tired of licking and don't drink enough water) Studies and vets this Product insted. You can also add Bottled water to this insted of Tap water and you will filter Pure clean water for your pet.

Small Animal Feeder: Give your pet easy access to his food. Lid helps prevent food contamination