Fancy Dancing Shih-Tzu

Ever Watch a Shih-Tzu Strut "Looks like Dancing to Me"


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Ever Watch a Shih Tzu Walk? Looks Like "Some Fancy Dancing" to Me!!

When I dance, they all run to dance with me , paws in the air, Oh What a Sight!

My Ethics & Choice to breed excellence is of the Utmost importance! All my Shih Tzu reside in my home as our Pet , as is their babies which are Raised and Socolized along side the family and the every day life here, we Never Kennel, we have No Outside Kenneling. We do have a Private , quite bedroom for our New Momma's to birth & maintain their new litters to insure they are comfortable and kept in a safe zone until they are old enough to join the family activity.  Fancy Dancing Shih Tzu is for those that want pre-spoiled, hand reared & home socialized babies!!

A Few Chinese Imperials, Imperials, Smalls and Small Standards:  Ask me what the difference is!!!  

All babies will be raised in my home, we do not own a kennel, My Shih Tzu have free run of the Fenced Back Yard and a Private deck to shade on. All our Shih Tzu are pad trained, sleep in their bedroom beside mine or in my bed beside us and well socialized all day long except Nap time " 2  &  6p.m. daily! Just ask any of our puppies new adopted families who have visited. I only have a few Litters a year as I prefer to be a small Hobby breeder, not a Business. I Prefer the pet home for my puppies produced. This site is for your Viewing enjoyment only filled with great pet information and lots of great Photos to enjoy.  Get to know the Breed.  I must interview each family and then Adoptions are done on a One to One case.


We hope you enjoy your visit to our Website! We hope you will return many times.

Get to Know the Breed !!!!!!!!

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To the Home where the pampered Pet's are Found, Meet my Adults shown Below!

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Small Standard. Small To Tiny!

 Our Lady Kandee Shall Retired Early 2016

Prince M-Shu, RETIRED 2015



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I raise my Shih-tzu in our home under foot all day  in a Clean, Well Socialized and Loving Home environment. 

I am a small Home Hobby Breeder and my only goal is to produce a happy, well socialized, healthy quality shih tzu puppy.  

Our puppies are always current and Up to Date on all Wormings and Shots at the time of purchase. 

We spend alot of time with our puppies from the moment they are born until the day they are placed into a loving new Family.

Adoption for our puppies will very, in "Colors, Sizes and Sex's.  The Very small to Imperial size , Remember that if Adopting a Tiny Imperial they must remain longer with me.

Breeder Information:

We will gladly provide reference's upon request. 

NEW! April 2009 I was honored to be ask to join the Contributors of a New website for the Shih Tzu lovers!

Proud Member and Contributor "JUST SHIH-TZU" my contributions range from, Photo's, Advice, breed Info and Health of the Shih Tzu Breed 

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I  breed as a hobby but I don't show, but we do own a few Shih Tzu from a long line Of Champions.  We are proud of all Our beauties,

  Ch.Lainee Sigmund Floyd, ROM and his son Ch. Hodari Lord of The Rings, ROM. a few more champions are:::  Ch. Ali-Aji Holy Smoke of Dragonfire,   Ch.Dragonfires Red Raider,   Ch.Dragonfires Great Santini,   Ch.Dragonwycks Centerfold,   Ch. Gensing Incredible Chi Chi,   Ch. Dragonwycks The Great Gatsby, Ch. Duncan's The Price is Right, Ch. Ming Dynasty's Target Shoot, Ch. Hi Krisfarms Razza Pa Zazz  and  Ch. Lou Wan Rebel Rouser R.O.M.. There are many more,  you may read about some that are listed and view them in the Book written by Victor Joris " The Complete Shih Tzu" copyright 1994, pages 165,166 and 168. There are 8 of  which he is related to listed in his book. Also we have a reference page here on our site where you can read a little about them.  We will post some of his pedigree line once it has been put in HTML form for uploading.  We are very excited to have purchased these 2....

 Our Mi-Shu looks just like his ancestors: Just without the Top Knot,LOL.



I have been located at the same address for my entire Breeding years, " A Wonderful Place to Raise a Family and Pets"  We are well known in many surrounding states for our Quality Puppies that we produce here in our Home.  Our Adult dog's live right by our side daily .  They also have their own bedroom fully equipped for any need they may have, here they can go for privacy when breeding, whelping or just quite time.  All my furkids sleep in my bed 90 percent of the time along side me. 

    We currently Produce all sizes of the Shih Tzu and some rare colors.

Three (3) of our Shih Tzu stem from the great Champion Line of "Ch.Lainee Sigmund Floyd,R.O.M." you may read a little about them here on my site.Please  visit  our Dames and Sires pages.

All the shih-tzu are of different colors and Sizes as are our puppies produced.  At times our mommies and daddies give us a little Imperial, and will be listed on Our Puppies Nursery/Imperial Page.   We breed for quality not quantity, so we only have 1 to 2 Litters a year , but we can place you on Our Waiting List for a later adoption.

Enjoy your visit to our Site, and Please feel free to contact us with your questions, we will respond in a time fashion.

Oh Yes!  Please don't forget to Sign up and become a Memeber then Read & Sign our Guestbook  , leave us your feed back, we would love to hear from you.

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Fancy Dancing Shih-Tzu

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