Fancy Dancing Shih-Tzu

Ever Watch a Shih-Tzu Strut "Looks like Dancing to Me"

Disclosure & Agreement

BUYERS, All Questions below must be answered. Due to the HIGH Numbers Of Pay Pal  Charge backs to Sellers after Puppies have been picked up from Sellers/Breeder and then Closing out that Pay Pal account, therefor they have the Breeders Puppy and their money , I have decided to Protect my puppies from such Scams as well as Protect my investment and Polices.. To Date I have NEVER had such an Issue to deal with and Hope I never encounter such an Individual. Please understand, this does not reflect on my buyers it is a Protection we must put in place In Case needed for Pay Pal Processing.  All Buyers Must and always have been required to Provide me a Photo ID upon Pick Up of their puppy .  Thank you.