Fancy Dancing Shih-Tzu

Ever Watch a Shih-Tzu Strut "Looks like Dancing to Me"

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Please email us with the sex and color of the puppy you are looking for, we can place you on a waiting list or refer you to another breeder that may be able to handle your request. It's All About the puppies finding a good happy home to go to, Doesn't matter if its From me or another Breeder , so long as you are Both happy with the puppy you have chosen!  A Good breeder wants the right puppy in the right home, a family should not Settle just because I don't have that special puppy available!!

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Text Or Call : (304) 993-6385

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Puppy Application: All Buyers must completely fill out a puppy application prior to a sale: New Folder/Puppy application from buyers.doc


LOCATION & PHONE: I am 20 MIN. South Of: Charleston, WV, 1 Hr. North of Huntington, WV & only 5 min. From St.Albans, WV

Sorry, For security reasons our home address is with held From the Internet & website. Thank you for understanding.

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Congratulations!  You have been selected to earn the prestigious Ethical Breeder Award.

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I do not sell to Pet stores or Dog Mills, Commercial Breeders or Puppy Brokers. So that being said:

If you purchase a puppy without notifying me That You ARE a Commercial Breeder then this constitutes Fraud and cancels the sale and all monies paid will be NON-Refundable.

(A Commercial breeder is considered if you: A Breeder who owns 20 or more Breeding dogs ) Most states require: Commercial Breeder to obtain a License to Practic and sale Animals)

I do sell to some breeders but you must be pre-approved, I will interview you before this is decided upon. I care very much for my babies and only want to know that I have selected the best family life Possible for them where they will receive the best of care and love that can be given , this I demand!





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May the Simple things in life keep you content.

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Buyer Information : While we have several small litters of Our own yearly we also work with 3 other Very well known breeders from Ohio.

If a Litter is posted in my Nursery that belongs to these Breeders " It will be Clearly Posted With the Breeders name that Ownes it"

I know  several other breeders located in Ohio (Eda Bobo & Teana Gordon) just to name a couple . At times I relocate their puppies into Qualfied  Family homes here upon the request of local buyers. If a Family is looking for a speacil color & size that I do not have then I will refer you one of the other trusted Breeders in hopes you find a forever puppy.  Getting puppies into the perfect family is What Matters!  Doesn't matter if it's Mine or Another breeder who you choose!!!

So,   If I do not have the puppy of your Preference let me know, I can locate you one I am sure!!!  Or you may choose to be placed on my waiting list. Just complete the Simple Puppy application here and you will recieve a call when the breeding has taken place and again when the litter has been born >

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 Awarded April 2009