Princess Heidi & Prince Mi-Shu Litter Princess Heidi & Prince Mi-Shu Litter Prince Mi-Shu Fancy Dancing (Sire) Here is Daddy, he is in a puppy cut here but he has the fullest coat ever and weighs 7lbs. He and Heidi are life mates and what babies they have. take a look and watch them grow into Show babies!!! 21685427 Princess Heidi Me-Shi-Lo (Dam) Heidi is the Mother to all these Great Puppies. She is a wounderful Girl with very peasent personality. We just love her. 7729390 Meet Gi Gi, she is Mi-Shu and Heidi lovely lady. 93711101 Prince Mi-Shu Fancy Dancing Here is Mi-Shu w/ Heidi in the background. 7728958 Pricess Heidi's Babies @ 1 day old Puppies L to R, 2 boys and 3 girlson the right side. 7729002 Teara ( Red & White) Now Rosie Teara now live in Located in LOUISVILLE, OH~ with Brenda Dunn. She owns 2 from Us. 7728959 Lil Heidi (Silver & White) Lil Heidi Of Fancy Dancing now resides in Lesage WV with Rose Pratt. She now owns 2 little shih tzu from me. 7728960 Kandy (Red & White) Kandy now lives in Elkview WV with the Wiseman Family. 7729003 Jigalo (Gold and White w/ Blk Mask Jigalo now lives with the Smith Family in Charleston, WV 7729388 HARLEY He now lives with the Falls family! Their daughter returned here in 2010 to buy a puppy of her own out of marsha Mellows litter: named Bentley! Thank you for loving my puppies! 7729367 Harley 7729389 WEE-WEE WE GO PEE-PEE!! WE PAD TRAIN Or HAVE THEM WELL ON THEIR WAY (90%) BEFORE THEY LEAVE, THEY ARE ALL TRAINED BY WEEK 5, THEY START AT 4 WEEKS OLD. 7730048 Lil Heidi Meets Suki, her new sis. Lil heidi moves to her new home where she met Suki, suki is from here as well, her breeder was Joyce Stevens, aren't they a pair!!! 7729368 Mi-Shu and His daughter Teara/ re-named Rosie Teara is Now named Rosa and lives with Brenda Dunn in Ohio. 7729369 Teara likes to Dress Up!!! 7730046 Daddy Baby Sits 7730035 Teara get's some Family Time! Here is , Teara, ChiChi &her Mom with her and dad in the far rear. 7730036 Teara steels toys!!!! Chi-cHI JUST CAN'T BELIEVE THAT THIS LITTLE GIRL IS BRAVE ENOUGH TO TAKE HER TOY!! NO ONE HERE DOES THAT! 7730047 MOM TAKES ME HOME!!!! Here is Harley and his new mom 7730037 KANDY IS NOT THRILLED ! KANDY DID NOT THINK DRESS UP WAS SO FUNNY!! 7730038 HEIDI ENTIRE LITTER AT PLAY! HERE ARE THE BABIES AT 5 WEEKS OF AGE. AREN'T THEY PRESIOUS!!!! 7730039 Mi-Shu's Lil Heidi of Fancy Dancing This is Mi-Shu's Lil Heidi of Fancy Dancing, owned by the pratt family. Thanks for the Photo (2 months old) 9843288 Rosie/Photo by Brenda Dunn (this was Teara, Heidis girl) Now Rosie. Thanks for the photo brenda, she is Lovely!!! Good job 9843289 HEIDI'S SON COMES TO VISIT THIS IS NANETTE AND SNUGGLES, SHE CAME TO SEE US AND SHOW ME ALL HIS NEW TRICKS, SITS , STAY AND SHAKES HANDS. GREAT JOB NANETTE. 9896568 Harley All Played out! 9950834 Rosie Thank you Stashas Shih Tzu for keeping in touch and sending us these Great Photos Jan. 2009 21685376 Lil Heidi Thank you Rose for the updated Photo of heidi and Mi-Shu little girl. 21685394 Lil Heidi and Sukie Halloween pics from the Pratts and my babies!!! 21685377 Meet Harley: Just too cute! Ty for the update 93711232